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Kitchens The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home; make it a one of a kind masterpiece. Granite can withstand messy spills, hot pans, sharp knives and everything in between.
Bathrooms Give your bathroom a makeover! Whether its granite, marble, or quartz... a little stone goes a long way.
Outdoor Spaces It's the second most popular remodeling project after indoor kitchens. Of course, your countertop will be a centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.

Edge Profiles



Full BullnoseBullnose-outline



edge 8Euro-upgrade-outline

edge 7Heavy-Eased-outline

edge 6


Any of our 3cm edges can be laminated to a 6cm edge, such as this Ogee over Bullnose. Additional charges will apply for lamination.

What our customers are saying

We are so excited about the new granite sign you donated to our school, it is totally awesome, just beautiful–We want to thank you so much for the generous tribute to Osage R-I. Otto was a student here, our three children & three of our grandchildren. We love our little school and this new sign has added so much to it. Many many Thanks!

- Otto & Josie