Watch the story of natural stone
Kitchens The kitchen is the heart and soul of your home; make it a one of a kind masterpiece. Granite can withstand messy spills, hot pans, sharp knives and everything in between.
Bathrooms Give your bathroom a makeover! Whether its granite, marble, or quartz... a little stone goes a long way.
Outdoor Spaces It's the second most popular remodeling project after indoor kitchens. Of course, your countertop will be a centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen.


Q: What is the difference between granite, quartz, and marble countertops?
A: High quality countertop surfaces made from Cambria® quartz, granite, or marble can offer a dramatic statement to virtually any room.  These popular countertop surfaces are not only the most desirable options; they are also your most durable options. It ultimately depends on the look you want, as well as being educated about the particular stone you select.

Granite is the most durable of all natural stones being made of varying amounts of quartz, feldspar and mica. Blocks of granite are quarried from around the world and then sliced into slabs. Granite colors can offer variation and movement within each slab. Granite is heat, scratch and stain resistant. It does require sealing as some granite may be more susceptible to stain depending on the amount of the natural minerals in each color.  In the unlikely event that your granite gets a scratch, stain or chip, it can be repaired. Granite can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Cambria® is 93% quartz, a natural stone. Quartz is the extremely hard mineral that gives Cambria its strength. You get the look and feel of granite plus the benefit of it being nonporous and maintenance free.  Just wash it with warm water, and use a mild soap if desired.  Cambria® is stain resistant and never needs sealing or reconditioning. Cambria® is the only American company in the quartz surfaces business.

Marble is a natural stone being quarried the same way as granite but is primarily made of the mineral- calcite, making it a much softer stone. It is often chosen for its unique versatile look but is more prone to encounter issues. Scratching, staining, and etching need to be considered when selecting marble. Even when sealed, etching is the biggest problem as anything acidic will leave a dull spot. Choosing a honed finish can help this be less noticeable.

Q: Can I afford to put granite counter tops in my home?
A: Yes! The price of granite counter tops has come down considerably in recent years due to both competition and technology, which increased the supply of this natural material. The price varies depending on the color you select and the project size. But remember, a granite counter top will last forever and be completely unique to your kitchen–a truly durable, scratch resistant and beautiful investment.

Q: How do I clean and care for my new natural stone counter top?
A: Simple care and maintenance will preserve your stone’s beauty for generations to come. Natural stone can be porous, depending on the specific stone. We apply a protective sealer upon installation for improved wear resistance against everyday dirt and spills. Clean your natural stone with warm water and use mild soap if desired. We also offer an everyday cleaner designed for natural stone that is reasonably priced.

Q: What colors and designs are available and can I see them before I buy?
A: With natural stone being quarried around the world, there is a vast array of available colors and designs for your project. We carry various slabs on-site and /or we can arrange for you to personally hand select slabs at one of our many suppliers. In our showroom, we also display all Cambria® designs as samples for your convenience.

Q: How do I get started?
A: First, we will meet with you to discuss the process of your project. We typically work with your cabinet maker, and have strong working relationships with several locally. We are available to work with you to customize the use of specific colors in your slabs and seam placement. In order to begin the templating process, you will need to have selected all of your kitchen accessories, including sinks, faucets, cook tops, etc. There is generally a two-week turnaround time from the date of templating to the date of installation.


What our customers are saying

We are enjoying our “new countertops” and yes, will send you some pictures. It improved our kitchen and am thrilled with the Oyster Bay choice, very lovely. Thanks to everyone for making this experience a pleasant one and all of you who worked hard for us. Needless to say, Martellaro Granite will be the recommended choice for anyone that mentions they are considering granite!

- Thanks again, Lorraine